Transcribe+ — iOS mobile application. User Interface and User Experience

Transcribe+ is a slow downer and pitch shifting mobile iOS app to help you learn any piece of music by ear. It does away with cumbersome buttons and tiny sliders in favor of direct manipulation and interaction with the music. Isolate or remove vocals, drums, bass, and instrumentals with machine learning.

The challenge

Since this is an entirely new iOS mobile app, it was required to design from scratch. The challenge was to differentiate Transcribe+ in a sea of other mobile app competitors and convey the owner’s passion for making great apps for musicians.

My Approach

iOS mobile app owner approached me to participate in the project as a designer. I worked as a solo UX/UI designer with two stakeholders and helped complete user interface design from scratch. My primary responsibilities were to create an entirely new UI and UX to make the application easy-to-use.

I delivered a new creative direction, improved the user experience, and designed an elevating interface design with a clean, user-centered approach.

Define the direction

Transcribe+ is a beautiful app for musicians, music teachers, and professionals to help in learning new songs by ear.

To have a successful digital product, you have to think about the user experience. One of the most important criteria was keeping the user interface as simple and as possible. Together with all stakeholders, we found the right way to create the app more focused on the main features and create it within one screen. I think that its usability, simplicity combined with an appealing user interface was essential.

“Transcribe+ is an elegant solution for learning music by ear.” —

Together with the app owner, we managed the details and features to display while maintaining an uncluttered interface. We have also implemented the “Pitch” and “Speed” controllers for more effortless and quick app interaction.

Visual identity into UI design

I have identified a color space and developed a visual language to help stand out from the rest of the market.

I've created a color palette with vibrant and bold colors to enhance the mobile application's overall look and feel. Together we have developed multiple themes to give a unique experience for each user. In addition to the trendy colors, I have used a clear and readable font for the user.

Flexible UX design

As with any app, it's requires updated and new features. In the past few years, together with the app owner, we have added more features without losing our app's primary direction. We successfully implemented many new features and provided a great user experience.

Amazing results

I think Transcribe+ achieves its goal of giving one more excellent tool for learning music. Transcribe+ was featured by Apple and got attention as it has been on their top-selling list of the app store!

The application is now available for download in the Apple AppStore.

“Alex has created a beautifully functional design language that is incredibly intuitive for the user also flexible enough to contain many different modes within one app.” — Joe LeBlanc

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