Twitter Cover Photo Template

Twitter has released an updated design (in April 2014) for the profile pages (check it here), featuring a big header image including responsive design which looks pretty much like facebook’s cover photo.

What is the new twitter header resolution?

Twitter recommends 1500×500 pixels, but it will resize any uploaded image to smaller size image and with it comes some design issues. When I design corporate identity for my clients every detail is important. You have to design a corporate identity that has a compelling look but also conveys a branding message. That is why your twitter cover photo must be perfectly optimized for different resolutions and you must be absolutely sure that you won’t miss any important information.

Twitter Cover Photo Template

Twitter Header Safe Area

In the image above you can find the information you need to create a stunning header photo. The “Safe Area”is where all your important information must be placed. Top & the bottom lines will be cut off instantly after uploading your cover photo. So make sure you don’t place any useful information there. Dark blue zone (where twitter icon is placed) become visible on resolutions 780 pixels wide. This zone becomes fully visible at 1040 pixels wide. I recommend avoid placing useful information in this zone.

Twitter Cover Photo Template Case Study

Draward Twitter Cover Photo Template

Above is a cover photo I made for Draward Twitter profile, notice how image is placed within the safe area.

Here you can see how this image looks on my twitter profile after uploading it to twitter.

Twitter Cover Photo Template

Download Twitter Cover Photo Template PSD

I’ve created this file for myself to save some time and I hope it will help you with many projects. Thought I’d share this free Photoshop (PSD) cover photo template file with you guys, maybe some of you find it useful.


Video Tutorial

Who is not familiar with photoshop, tutorial will help you.

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