Logo Design Marathon

5 years ago I had an idea to make something like a logo design marathon. Why a logo design marathon? Because logo development is like a long distance race which you have to successfully complete within a certain timeframe.

Now that I have more time and creative energy to create stuff on a daily basis, I thought it’s finally time to bring this idea into reality. Each day I will be posting one logo with a generic (not real) company name (you can also suggest names too in comments section or any social network). Each process will include research, sketches and final design (best idea based on personal judgment).

I hope you are as excited as I am. This marathon is about showcasing creativity, trends and a sense for what a future clients might want and need in terms of design. This logo design project is purely for fun. Anyone can join in.

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Logo Design Marathon

August 5, 2013 – August 31, 2013

27 Days

I’m only one person but anyone can join in on the fun. You can rebound (dribbble), share or you can try to provide your own version of the particular concept.

Logo Names Suggestions
Suggest your own creative names in comment section.

Logo Design Marathon Started

Day 1Oneway

Oneway Logo Design

Concept description: Opened door creates hidden number 1 (one). Door symbolize word “way”.

Day 2 – Guitarist

Guitarist Logo Design

Second day of my Logo Design Marathon. We all love music. For designers I think it’s a part of creative process. When I work music always playing in the background. Today in the morning I decided to find something on Spotify that will inspire me. And stumbled upon artist called Carlos Santana. This was a starting point for my new logo design. I decided to pick a name “Guitarist”.

Concept description: Guitar and music note. Music note is hidden in the soundhole.

Day 3 – Mintpartners

Mintpartners Logo Design

Today I decided to play with name MintPartners. When I started I thought word “mint” is always associated with something fresh. I tried to combine this word with “Partners” to get a strong corporate or business feel to it. It is good name for creative agency or company which always has fresh ideas for their clients.

Day 4 – HouseHelp

Househelp Logo Design

Name for the 4th day of my Logo Design Marathon is HouseHelp.

Concept description: The shape of residential house is horizontally reflected. This effect creates a unique shape. Doors are creating a ‘red cross’ shape which symbolizes the word “Help”.

Day 5 – ComplexDeal

Complexdeal Logo Design

Name for the 5th day of my Logo Design Marathon is ComplexDeal.

Concept description: My inspiration for this icon comes from labyrinth and briefcase. This combination creates unique shape and creates easy recognizable icon.

Day 6 – HexaTalk

Hexatalk Logo Design

Day 7– SandClock

Sandclock Logo Design

Time is running very fast. Today I’m finishing my first week of my Logo Design Marathon. Also this was a very hot week almost like in desert (37 °C).

Day 8– LoveToTravel

Lovetotravel Logo Design

Dedicated to all travelers around the globe.

Day 9Mailshare

Mailshare Logo Design

Concept description: 2 arrows symbolize share. Whole icon creates mail icon.

Day 10– Giftwrap

Giftwrap Logo Design

Concept description: Gift box from top view. Wrap with ribbons.

Day 11– GreatRenovate

Greatrenovate Logo Design

Concept description: G is hidden in house icon (first letter from word Great).

Day 12– BookLock

BookLock Logo Design

Concept description: 3 books wrapped with lock.

Day 13– QuickResume

QuickResume Logo Design

Concept description: Icon created from first letters Q & R. Q & R together resembles magnifying glass and cv form.

Day 14– Eyetower

Eyetower Logo Design

Day 15OldCaptain

Oldcaptain Logo Design

Inspired by this image. I though it’s a good idea to transfer ship captain into a strong recognizable mark.

Day 16– RoyalShare

Royalshare Logo Design

Due to big popularity of social media. I decided to play once more with word share. Now with a bit of luxury feel. Good for social marketing metrics.

Concept description: Icon is made in shape of crown. 2 arrows means share.

Day 17– Coffeeccino

Coffeeccino Logo Design

Word comes from combination of coffee & cappuccino.

Day 18– NatureLove

NatureLove Logo Design

This logo was inspired by good mood and nature.

Concept description: Icon resembles heart shape. Inside heart view of landscape. This image I took as a starting point.

Day 19DotRoom

Dotroom Logo Design

This logo was inspired by conference rooms and discussion process.

Concept description: Conference table from top view. 3 chairs around it. Dot in the middle of the table.

Day 20– EqualBench

Equalbench Logo Design

When I was sitting in the park today. In the park all benches were equal. I was inspired to create such minimalistic logo.

Day 21– CityBike 

Citybike Logo Design

Concept description: Bicycle in town. Skyscrapers behind. Green means grass.

Day 22– OwlBranch

Owlbranch Logo Design

Owls are great. Isn’t it? This logo simply dedicated to everyone who love them.

Day 23– Dreambag 

Dreambag Logo Design

Dreaming away.

Day 24– Wondrfl

Wondrfl Logo Design

I’m having a positive mood today and feeling wonderful. Inspired by Piet Mondrian and his works I decided to create such logo for today.

Day 25– Eyevigation

Eyevigation Logo Design

Concept description: Eyes are our navigators through our life and design. 4 small arrows symbolize compass.

Day 26StawberryBasket

Strawberrybasket Logo Design

Concept description: Picnic basket resembles delicious fruit – strawberry.

Day 27– FinishLine

Finishline Logo Design

Time is running really fast. Like it was yesterday. But today is a last day of my Logo Design marathon. It was nice experience for me. Thank you for your support. It’s definitely great community.

Concept description: Lines symbolize a running track. Whole concept resembles pencil shape.

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