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35 Best Visual Identity & Branding Design Projects

Brand’s visual identity is more than just a professionally designed logo, well-researched tagline or a custom-made business card. It’s a corporate identity system of different elements. For companies, this should generate results and help with business communication and message with their customers. Through the visual identity customers and company establish the relationship with a brand name.

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Holidays, Birthday, Christmas Gifts for Designers

Holidays, Birthday & Christmas Gifts for Designers

Gift giving has long been a tradition associated with the holidays, birthday or Christmas. When it comes to gifts for designers you have to be very careful. Designers, creatives and artists, in general, don’t like gifts that are uninspiring and useless. If you’re a designer, one of the best things you can do to stay productive and to be creative is to craft your workspace into a place that you will be excited to work in everyday. That mean that what is around inspire us. So it’s very important to make gifts that are really matters and keep designers life uncluttered.

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Twitter Cover Photo Template

Twitter Cover Photo Template PSD Download (+Video Tutorial)

Twitter has released an updated design (in April 2014) for the profile pages (check it here), featuring a big header image including responsive design which looks pretty much like facebook’s cover photo.

What is the new twitter header resolution?

Twitter recommends 1500×500 pixels, but it will resize any uploaded image to smaller size image and with it comes some design issues. When I design corporate identity for my clients every detail is important. You have to design a corporate identity that has a compelling look but also conveys a branding message. That is why your twitter cover photo must be perfectly optimized for different resolutions and you must be absolutely sure that you won’t miss any important information.

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Corporate Identity Design Featured

50 Best Corporate Identity Design Packages & Branding Projects

Corporate or brand identity is a great deal more compared to a skillfully designed logo or an appealing tagline. Actually, brand identities are opinions made in minds of your customers. All interactions a consumer has with your business communicate a message & establish a standpoint regarding your brand name. Your corporate identity is able to be shaped by approval of your brochure design, fondness towards the easiness of navigation on the website of yours or it is even able to be the elusive fulfillment generated by sociable service.

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Logo Design Marathon

Logo Design Marathon

5 years ago I had an idea to make something like a logo design marathon. Why a logo design marathon? Because logo development is like a long distance race which you have to successfully complete within a certain timeframe.

Now that I have more time and creative energy to create stuff on a daily basis, I thought it’s finally time to bring this idea into reality. Each day I will be posting one logo with a generic (not real) company name (you can also suggest names too in comments section or any social network). Each process will include research, sketches and final design (best idea based on personal judgment).

I hope you are as excited as I am. This marathon is about showcasing creativity, trends and a sense for what a future clients might want and need in terms of design. This logo design project is purely for fun. Anyone can join in.

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