Visual Identity for RateNantucket.

RateNantucket was created to help people find the best Nantucket businesses, and make informed buying decisions through recommendations from fellow.

RateNantucket was assigned to create a full design concept including visual identity and printed matter. The concept, which is inspired by the old country side has been projected into everything from website to promotional materials.

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Corporate Identity Business Package Design

  • Alex did some great design work for me. He was patient and helpful, and most of all was excellent value for money.

    Mark Roberts, Xcell Partners

  • Excellent deliverable, super quality, good communication resulted in little or no revisions. Would use again this great designer.

    Scott Chasin, ProtectWise

  • I chose Draward based on feedback left by others and the designs seen in their portfolio. His design skills are high quality, and the turnaround time was very quick. I could discuss changes and have revisions done for me almost immediately. I will use them again.

    Knut Reistad, MyEnergy